Maintenance & Calibration

Audiology – a comprehensive calibration service

In addition to advice, support, and cleaning, our service includes:


  • Functional & Performance Testing to OEM Specification
  • Electrical Safety Tests
  • Digital Service Reports via eQuip

Bladder Scanners – our service is a total equipment check

Bladder scanning equipment should be maintained, treated with care and stored safely. A regular maintenance programme for checks and calibration should be in place and a log kept of all engineer’s tests and action taken (Rigby and Housami, 2009). To prevent adverse impact on patient care, contingency plans should be in place in case an unforeseen fault, servicing or recalibration puts the scanner out of action.

We offer an annual calibration and physical inspection of the bladder scanner as well as an electronic safety test (EST). During calibration we will:

  • Inspect the scanner for faults
  • Perform a pre calibration accuracy check
  • Update the scanner software and manuals/quick guides
  • Calibrate the scanner
  • Report on any faults
  • Inspect /Test the Battery
  • Perform a post calibration verification

Do you have a maintenance programme in place for your bladder scanners?

Defibrillators – our service is a total equipment check

If a person goes into sudden cardiac arrest, the chances of them surviving without the help of a defibrillator drop by 10-15% every minute, and they could be dead within 5-10 minutes. Having a defibrillator on-site ensures that if someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest in the surrounding area, any first person on the scene has immediate access to a potentially lifesaving device which could make all the difference in the crucial minutes following a cardiac arrest. If treatment can be provided within 3-5 minutes, survival chances increase from 6% to 74%. So if you have a defib. at your business, sports club or in your community please make sure it is registered with your local ambulance trust so that in an emergency – the nearest AED device can be found easily and quickly.

In the unfortunate situation that you or another first responder needs to use your defib. it is essential that the unit is fully working, charged, has in date adult and paediatric pads. We provide servicing and calibration to ensure your defibrillator is fully functioning. This can either be completed on-site or, if you are in a particularly remote location, this can be done using our return to base courier service.

Do you have a maintenance programme in place for your community defibrillator?

Scales – our service is a total equipment check

We calibrate all types of scales both in-house and on-site to include:

  • Bariatric Scales
  • Baby Scales & Toddler Scales
  • Chair Scales
  • Column Scales
  • Fitness & Health Scales
  • Medical Flat Scales
  • Measures & Height Rods
  • Patient Hoists & Bed Scales
  • Wheelchair Weighing & Multi-Function Scales

N.B. On site calibration and adjustments for all scales listed to within UKWF Code of Practice standards. Calibration Certificates for every scale including pass/fail stickers attached to each scale.

Return-To-Base Service

We offer a fast and efficient return to base Service. Simply call us on +44 (0) 330 223 4350 and we can have your item of medical equipment collected from your home or place of work the very next day by a fully insured courier service, tested, serviced and calibrated the same day and back to you with Calibration Certificate enclosed with a 3 working day turnaround.

If you have only one or a couple of either missed items or items for personal use this can often be the most efficient and economical service for you. Prices vary depending on the items requiring calibration. T&C apply

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