Design & Build

Design and refurbishment of surgeries and practices is personal but at it’s core is the need to deliver excellent patient care. Every practice and surgery is different and it’s requirements different so our specialist architects and engineers will listen and understand what your needs are before they develop the design for your practice. Developing the layout is one element of the process, ensuring you have the right equipment is also fundamental and our highly trained engineers will identify and source the right technical equipment for you from our class leading partners.

Surgery Design

  • 3D Design for room layout
  • Installations
  • Rebuilds
  • IT Upgrades
  • Facilities

New to Ai Healthcare

Surgical Rooms supplied & fitted by Ai Healthcare from Tecno-Gaz

A surgery specific tidy room, equipped with professional appliances and devices will always be a significant advantage to any practice when the patient chooses a facility in which to be operated on.

Our rooms make sure the patient knows the practice has invested in their care, and the professional operates in a proper environment reducing any risk to the patient; our surgical room designs create a mutual trust between patient & practice.

Our Surgical rooms incorporate a fit for purpose surgical chair with correct working space for the operator & assistant. A Mobile instrument cart for implantology and surgery incorporating maximum freedom for instrument configuration. A bridge table with simple design for a natural link between assistant & surgeon. A perfect vision surgical light which is important in dentistry & fundamental in implantology, due to its design it is impossible to reduce light into the month at any angle of the patients head.

LDU Design

LDU Design – Design is the Key to good practice. Two (virtual) areas are required in the room; a dirty and a clean zone. Instruments will travel in one direction from the dirty zone towards the clean zone. As a consequence of this one-way flow, processed (clean) instruments shall not enter the dirty zone; hence the reprocessing area should ideally be rectangular, a kind of pass-through corridor, featuring two doors (IN & OUT). Both areas require ventilation and the air flow must stream from the clean zone to the dirty zone to prevent potentially contaminated air from the dirty zone being circulated in the clean zone. This can be achieved by pressurizing the clean area or exhausting the dirty area. At the entrance, there should be a hand washing basin equipped with an eye washing station, vital in case of accidental splashing of disinfectant or any harmful fluid.

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