Testing & Validation

Decontamination & HTM, Validation

Our Engineers are trained by the equipment manufacturers and certified to HTM 01-05, 2010, and 2030.

Routine maintenance of decontamination equipment such as autoclaves, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic baths is essential to ensure continued performance. However, it is also a legal requirement for all these devices to be validated in accordance with the relevant HTM Standards.

Ai Healthcare can provide all maintenance and validation of your equipment, using the latest test equipment and technology to ensure accuracy and full reporting to the standards. The reports we provide will evidence that your equipment meets all the standards for safety and performance.

X-RAY Inspection

It is recommended that all X-Ray systems are checked annually in line with MHRA April 2015 Managing Medical Devices. The Guidance Notes for Dental Practitioners on the Safe Use of X-Ray Equipment also states that “routine tests should normally be carried out”

What is involved?

  • Review the paperwork from the previous visits
  • Check the stability of the X-Ray mount and arms
  • Check for any damage to the tube head
  • Check the electrical and mechanical safety
  • Check the condition of the X-Ray exposure control
  • In the case of a panoramic X-Ray set, check the rotational movement of the X-Ray tube head and the fitting
  • Complete exposures tests & record the results (patient entrance dose [mGy], kV, exposure time, filtration)
  • Ensure that the exposure settings are as found on arrival
  • Results will be sent to the department RPA for review
  • Complete ‘X-Ray Service’ report paperwork, report will then be issued to the practice

Autoclaves & Washer disinfectors

Ai Healthcare provides HTM and En13060 Compliant validation and maintenance for your autoclaves, washer disinfectors and ultrasonic baths. Our validation and maintenance packages provide you with fully compliant, transparent and cost effective solution to evidence compliance with new legislation including HTM0105 and MHRA.

Pressure Vessel Inspection

Pressure Vessel is a term used by Health and Safety to describe compressors, autoclaves and their associated pipe work and safety devices. Any equipment that may fail due to a build up of pressure in a system requires testing; this will form the basis of a compliance to Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1992.

Sales, Support & Install of all of your decontamination equipment

W&H Partners – Ai Healthcare supply & support W&H equipment’s. Ai Healthcare rate W&H products as being the best machines in use today with the machines work quickly, efficiently to provide the best hygiene standards in the dental practice sterilization process. With stringent legal conditions in hygiene & patients demanding quality means the requirement for continuous improvement in the economic & efficiency of the dental practice is paramount. W&H products equipped with modern functionalities provide with type B sterilizer from W&H offers the best possible solution for efficient and secure working processes. HTM Validation

Radiation Environmental Risk Assessment

Our engineers are trained and fully supported by Public Health England and can perform an Environmental Risk Assessment to fulfil IRR99 requirements complete a risk assessment on each X-Ray location. This is normally required every three years on Intra Oral X-Ray. This includes  full report with a drawing of the room, main X-Ray beam, controlled area, operator position and adjacent areas you will also receive a report for Public Health England for your RPA.

Assesses whether there is any risk to occupants of adjoining rooms and the operator. 

Provides a written report on the risk, provide recommendations and actions. 

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