World Exclusive: Verified – STERISAFE PRO Kills Coronavirus – view the results!

April 7 2020 | News

The coronavirus can survive on surfaces like table counters, door handles, and bed frames for days, consequently spreading the virus despite sanitizing with a cloth, chlorine, and other traditional methods.

According to tests conducted by the German laboratory, Dr. Brill + Partner GmbH, the STERISAFE PRO robot can kill the coronavirus on surfaces, as well as in closed spaces. Thus, effectively disinfecting hospital rooms and other critical areas so nurses and doctors can help far more patients due to the efficient cleaning method. The results demonstrate that the STERISAFE PRO robot has an effectiveness of an overall of 99.999% (5 log reduction) on coronavirus type.

STERISAFE received multiple assurances, from independent laboratories, verifying the robot’s extreme effectiveness. Nevertheless, this is the first time that the robot’s efficacy has been tested explicitly on the coronavirus.The German independent laboratory, Dr. Brill & Dr. Steinmann Institute for hygiene and microbiology, performed the test.

The detailed results from the institute conclude a ≥ 5.25 log reduction on Stainless Steel, ≥4.75 log reduction on solid core furniture boards and ≥log 5.0 log reduction on ceramic tiles.These results fulfill all expectations and requirements for the STERISAFE PRO robot and its ability to disinfect areas contaminated with the virus.

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